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Welcome to One Question Shootout!

A fan site for the UK TV quiz show The Chase. This site is created by a fan. It has nothing to do with ITV - the channel that broadcast the show. Nor with Potato - the production company that make the show.

On this site you will find everything you could possibly want to know about The Chase. There are lists of episodes, which you can view either by series or by chaser. There are statistics based on all aspects of the show. And there are records so you can find out the largest prize fund ever played for, the highest ever target set and the quickest ever catch in the final chase.

New to version 2. It's been updated with more data, more stats, sortable tables and there are now pages for the players in each series. Plus there are now photos. In the gallery you can see how Bradley and the chasers look has varied over the past 10 years, plus there are pictures of The Chase's most successful players and teams.

I'll try to update everything at the end of each week when new episodes have been broadcast.