I have yet to find an official or complete list of episodes for The Chase. However, there are a number of very good sources of information, including: Wikia, epguides, and Wikipedia. However, I wanted more statistics than are available from these sites. So I've been watching the latest episodes on ITV and catching up with old episodes on ITV4 and Challenge to collect additional data - such as cash builder totals, which offer players accepted in the head-to-head and number of questions asked in both parts of the final chase. I have also been through all the videos on the official The Chase YouTube channel and read through their official Twitter feed @ITVChase. This account was also useful The Chase fans, as for a number of months they live tweeted what was happening in each episode.

Series and Episode Confusion

There are slightly different opinions on how many episodes there have been per series, and also which episodes belong to which series. This is mainly due to some older episodes being shown for the first time in the middle of a new series. I've hopefully gone with the opinion of the majority of sources for this. Although it's possible that it is just one source that all the other websites are referencing and it isn't multiple sources at all. It seems there are also some episodes that have never been aired.

On this site, I've appended the original air date from epguides into the Wikia data, and then re-numbered accordingly to cope with episodes shown out of sequence. I have then appended to this the player names from Hopefully the data is reasonably accurate. I'm correcting any errors as I watch old episodes.

For episodes since series 10 started on 15/04/2016, I am allocating episodes to either series 9 or series 10 based on the data from ITV. Series 9 episodes have the end credits showing (c) 2015, whilst series 10 episodes have (c) 2016. Generally, TV listings magazines will refer to them as series 9 or series 10 episodes. Wikia and epguides are doing things differently for episodes since this date.

Within a series, I have just numbered the episodes sequentially. Even though at times this means the number I am giving an episode is different to the one that ITV are using.

Series and Episode Counts

Based on the information described above, these are what I think are the number of episodes per series.

 No. of EpisodesAiredUnaired
Series 110100
Series 240400
Series 340400
Series 460600
Series 51201191
Series 6150148+1*1
Series 71501500
Series 81501464
Series 9190189+1*0
Series 101901900
Series 111701700
Series 121701691
Series 13-22-

* Series 6 and Series 9 both included a Text Santa special episode. These 2 episodes have been excluded from the list of episodes and also do not contribute to any of the statistics. With the celebrity contestants and higher offers, they are more akin to the Celebrity Specials, so they have been placed in that section.