Welcome to One Question Shootout!

The independent fan site for the UK TV gameshow The Chase. This site is created by a fan. It has nothing to do with ITV - the channel that broadcast the show. Nor with Potato - the production company that make the show.

On this site you will find everything you could possibly want to know about The Chase. There are lists of episodes, which you can view either by series or by chaser. There are statistics based on all aspects of the show. And there are records so you can find out the largest prize fund ever played for, the highest ever target set and the quickest ever catch in the final chase. Just select the page you want from the menu at the bottom of this and every other page.

I'll try to update the lists of episodes at the end of each week. The other pages I'll update every 3 to 4 weeks. This data can be fairly static, so it isn't going to change greatly from week to week.


1. All of the statistics and records refer to the regular version of The Chase only. ie. Celebrity and Text Santa versions are excluded. There is a summary table for the celebrity specials at the bottom of the page where they are listed.

2. If a table is not based on all regular episodes, then there is an additional row or column to state how many episodes it covers. In some cases, this number isn't very many, but the statistics are interesting none-the-less. Although they are likely to fluctuate as more episodes are added.

3. The target set by players in the final chase was significantly higher in the early series. For series 1-5, the average target was 18.8. For series 6 onwards, the average target is 16.0. This seems to be a combination of being asked slightly fewer questions and getting a slightly smaller percentage of them right - see the Statistics - Final Chase page for details. Therefore, I've split tables on this basis to highlight this difference - Old v New Series. Additionally, where a record category is dominated by the old series, records from the new series are additionally shown.

4. All of the records show the top 5 in each category plus ties.

5. Within lists of episodes and records, rows are coloured as follows:

Episodes where the players won will have a background of blue like this.
Episodes where the players were caught will have a background of orange like this.

6. I've created a colour scale to denote success for both players and chasers, which is used in a number of the tables in the statistics section.
  • 50% to 100% are shown in green. 100% is represented by bold green and a 50% in light green - with everything in between on a sliding scale.
  • 0% to 49.9% are shown in red. 0% is represented by bold red and a 49.9% win rate in light red, again with everything else on a sliding scale somewhere in between.